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Funds Transfer

Bnk_Pmt_FundTransfer_b Transferring funds to another account has never been this easy. Do it anytime, anywhere let it be within NATIONAL BANK FOR INDUSTRIES Bank accounts, to another bank account or even to your brokerage account. You can transfer funds within NATIONAL BANK FOR INDUSTRIES accounts using Internet & Mobile Banking, Phone Banking and/or ATM/ATM Plus. To transfer funds to other bank accounts you can use Internet Banking and/or Phone Banking. It is simple, fast and hassle-free. Above all, it is secure.
 Funds Transfer
To Your Own Bridge Bank Group Account:

You can transfer funds between your own Bridge Bank Group accounts

You can transfer funds from your other Bank's account to your own NATIONAL BANK FOR INDUSTRIES bank account.  The Monthly Fund Transfer arrangement allows you to make an instruction to debit your other bank's account and credit the funds into your NATIONAL BANK FOR INDUSTRIES bank account on a monthly basis.

To Another Bridge Bank Group Account:

Or transfer to another named account within Bridge Bank Group
To Another Bank Account:

Transferring to a non-Bridge Bank Group bank account is a breeze
Set Up Funds Transfer Beneficiaries:

Set up your Funds Transfer Beneficiaries online via Internet Banking.
Terminate Funds Transfer Beneficiaries:

You can also terminate your Funds Transfer beneficiaries online via Internet Banking.
Manage Limits :

You can also decide on your transaction limits for 3rd party funds transfer via Internet Banking and Phone Banking. 3rd party funds transfer via ATM are restricted by your card's daily limit.
Individuals aged above 15 years old
Must have a Savings and/or Current account with the bank
Must have Internet Banking and/or Phone Banking access and/or an ATM Card for transfer of funds within NATIONAL BANK FOR INDUSTRIES. For transfer of funds to any other bank account, Internet Banking access and/or Phone Banking access is sufficient
Need to pre-sign the 3rd party beneficiary via Internet Banking or via form before transfer of funds
 Fees & Charges
No service charge
Standard transaction fees apply for unsuccessful transfer of funds to another bank