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NATIONAL Bank Group Private Bank offers private banking and wealth management services to wealthy individuals and their families. With a global network designed to open doors to international expertise, we have the people to link your wealth to a world of financial expertise.

Private banking is about much more than traditional banking services of deposits and loans. It's about providing the personal one-to-one service that is essential after a certain level of wealth.

At NATIONAL BANK FOR INDUSTRIES Private Bank, our approach is to take a complete view of your wealth. Your relationship manager will help you identify your wealth goals and develop personalised strategies to help you achieve them. Most importantly, we understand that your needs are different, as will be the solutions we offer.

At Bridge Bank Group Private Bank we work with you to identify your goals and requirements, and create specific solutions that make the most of opportunities for you, your family and your business.

  • Manage your wealth: Private banking is about building relationships. We believe in providing a service that is personal, and personalised. Your personal relationship manager can help you manage your day-to-day banking and credit requirements and provide expert advice in specialist advisory services.
  • Develop and protect your wealth for the future: With one of the largest trust businesses and a global network of investment services spanning six continents and all major markets, Bridge Bank Group Private Bank strongly believes in securing the financial future of you and your family, and in finding new sources of wealth most appropriate to your needs and interests
  • Manage the impacts of wealth: Wealth can present unique lifestyle situations. Whether you are buying new homes, investing in art or even relocating overseas, a relationship with NATIONAL BANK FOR INDUSTRIES Private Bank opens up a range of specialist services to you and your family. Our teams of specialists offer expertise in areas including philanthropy, property investment, tax advisory and media.